10X your application development
with Rappit.

Are you locked in and unable to move fast due to the current app or cloud vendor? Do you have unresponsive legacy systems, hampering growth? Are you experiencing High IT costs limiting your business?

Meet Rappit. The application development accelerator that avoids the classic vendor lock-in and a runtime licensing requirement.

Unleash the power of Rappit

Rappit is the application development accelerator for building enterprise applications on Google Cloud. It allows you to accelerate the building of advanced Java-based enterprise business applications through efficient requirements gathering, instant prototyping, and rapid code generation. Rappit avoids the classic vendor lock-in or a runtime licensing requirement.

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Unleash the Power of Rappit in Just Half a Day!
Join us for an exciting workshop that delves into the game-changing potential of Rappit for your organization. 

We invite you to experience this transformative journey at our Vanenburg Castle in Putten or opt for the convenience of hosting the workshop right at your own location.

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