Generative AI Discovery Workshop

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Explore Generative AI use cases to transform your business!

The Generative AI Discovery Workshop helps you explore Generative AI adoption. By identifying use cases and defining a POC, you'll understand the impact of Generative AI on your business and make concrete and informed decisions on implementation.

Don't be a laggard, join the Generative AI revolution

Generative AI is poised to unleash a powerful wave of productivity growth that will likely affect all industries. As noted in recent research by McKinsey, the era of Generative AI is just beginning, and fully realizing the enormous benefits of the technology will take time. But businesses should begin implementing Generative AI use cases as soon as possible rather than waiting on the sidelines as the performance gap between laggards and early adopters will widen quickly. So don’t miss out on the opportunities that Generative AI already offers today to transform your business.

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Our offer

A 2 day (16 hour) Generative AI Use Case Discovery Workshop, split in 3 separate sessions, in which our experts will guide you and explore the art of the possible with Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilites. Together, we’ll explore, brainstorm, and prioritize use cases aligning with your business goals. The workshop will be concluded with proposal for a concrete implementation plan to kick-start your Generative AI journey. The Use Case Discovery Workshop is a 2-day workshop (split in 3 sessions and ideally the first session is in person).


Identify 1-3 high Return-on-Investment use cases which can
be actioned immediately through a Pilot/Proof of Concept.


  • Workshop summary write up - summarizing the
    use cases identified and workshop outcomes
  • High-level architecture design document
  • Statement of Work for Pilot/Proof of Concept

Intended customer audience

  • Business leaders
  • CxO stakeholders
  • Solution Architects
  • ML Engineers


  • €4.750 / $4,750

Workshop agenda

Generative AI workshop


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From hype to use-case

We’ll help you separate the hype from the genuine business cases and open up new business models with a concrete proposal.  

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Cutting-edge technology

Get access to Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI technologies, to put your use case into practice fast.  

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Delivered by experts

We are an experienced Google Cloud partner with a dedicated Data & AI team to addres your unique needs. 

Getting started

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Our Generative AI Discovery Workshop is designed to identify potential use cases and help you focus on the opportunities that deliver the most value fast. Get in touch with our experts and get started with your Generative AI journey.